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The Poetry of Love, Passion, and Pain ; by Mr. Cornell Gregory

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"A poem of Love"

"Morning poem, for the lost gods of the earth" you are gods!!! You are the IMAGE of the MOST HIGH! You are his REFLECTION. You are his LIKENESS. You are BEAUTY like his FLOWER, you a re STRONG like his ROARING THUNDER, you are CALM, like his SUMMER RAIN, you are LIGHT like his SUN, you and the CREATOR, are ONE "A poem of Pain" Moments of happiness are hard to come by; Memories of past joy and laughter have become Monuments of pain in my Soul; ech oing throughout my Thoughts....... the pain runs DEEP!! I just wish it would STOP.... Deep enough that I can see the scar where my HEART once was!! But now its gone!! Or at least I wish It was anyway!! "A poem of Pain" Heartache is like Earthquakes shattering and shaking my very foundation. My soul is a Graveyard of Dead Love, Being Haunted by the smell of her Perfume. Who knew pain could run this Deep. Who knew Smiles could turn upside Down. Who knew the once proud King, would now be the Foolish Clown. "A poem of Love" I died onc e... When I was dead she blew the breath of life into my nostrils and now I sing Her song. Songs of Her LOVE. Songs of Her PEACE. Songs of Her WISDOM. Songs of Her LIGHT that SHINE as the sun is Bright!!

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