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Mr. Cornell Gregory

Entrepreneur, Father, Author, Singer, Poet, Mentor, Master Teacher and Motivational speaker.

When the IMAGE of GOD is REVEALED to a man, The GOD will never again see himself as a man

Mr. Cornell Gregory

     I am an author, singer, song writer, and the Creator and Master Teacher of the God-kingdom Philosophy, . The GKP is not a new religion. It’s simply a study on the Most High’s greatest creation: YOU!!! I am not opposed to any other religions organizations or world view, and I do not disrespect sincere people who desire truth and the meaning of life, but my honest belief is that, the very elect has been deceived. God has no religion. I believe that religion has failed to answer the most important questions presented by life. Questions like what is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is time? What is right and wrong? What happens after death? Does God exist? Why is evil in the world? What is destiny and free will? What is philosophy? I also, spent much of my life puzzled by these same questions. The GKP answers all of these questions. My hope is that we can all grow in understanding, in love, and in peace, as we walk together in discovering the true purpose, in which we were created. Have a peaceful journey!  

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