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The Judgement of the Evil System! "REBEL" by Mr. Cornell Gregory


So what happens, when an EVIL SYSTEM, TRAIN soldiers to uphold THEIR evil system? We see in our world cause and effect, seed time and harvest, summer and winter etc. The fact is this evil system has been ruling the world since the fall of ROME!! The first step in judgment is bringing light to it!! For centuries this system has been operating with impunity because we just didn't know. We didn't have access to information; but now we do!! This system that KILLS the children of the MOST HIGH, STEALS hope from the poor, and DESTROYS and makes desolate The Garden of God ( earth, inheritance for his children) has trained SOLDIERS to carry out their evil plan and practices; but JUDGMENT HAS COME!!! Rebel!!!!!

THE WORLD was not created to be ruled by evil people. The Evil one has convinced you that the STRANGER and your ENEMY are your BROTHERs!! We pledge allegiance to our enemies, FLAGS, social groups, but completely disregard our own family and our own Neighbors. But we are of the Joshua generation!!!

WE WILL REBEL this EVIL system!!

We will defeat these Giants.

We pledge allegiance to our father, our family, and our neighbors.

Any person that seeks to harm you, your FAMILY or your NEIGHBORS is your ENEMY!!! Regardless of RACE, RELIGION, or SOCIAL group!! The JUDGMENT of this WORLD is the responsibility of the Children of GOD!! He created the WORLD, and gave it to


Give me Liberty or death

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