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"The BURIED TREASURE" by Mr Cornell Gregory

A Lesson for the God's of the Earth. "The BURIED TREASURE " Come join my online church community!! We will be the GENERATION that changes the WORLD!! This is the time for the Millennium reign for the children of GOD...... This is your time!! The Final beast is falling before our eyes!!! Christianity is the anti-christ system and the image of a man as your God is the mark!!! FEAR NOT!! ANGELS OF WAR is on your side!! Come learn how to be one with your heavenly FATHER!!!! GOD HAS NO RELIGION!!! You are the KING/QUEEN of your castle!!! Your children and wealth is your Kingdom!! You are not black, white, democrat, republican, Christian,Muslim, or jew!! You are not a social group; you are God's and children of the MOST HIGH!! Your pastor, political leaders, apostles, philosophers, baba, celebrities, entertainers have lied to you for years and they are the FRIEND of your ENEMY!! WE PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO FLAGS, CHURCHES, POLITICAL PARTIES AND SOCIAL GROUPS and under their WATCH CHILDREN has been left unprotected!!! Our WORLD IS IN CHAOS!! ITS time for the CHILDREN of GOD TO WAKE UP AND SET ORDER TO OUR WORLD!! No Rapture is gonna save u from this Battle!!! God has CREATED YOU FOR THIS BATTLE!!! THIS IS YOUR TIME TO BUILD YOUR KINGDOM!! YOU ARE THE KINGDOM OF GODS (HUMANITY/CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD)!! The Earth is your inheritance!!! TAKE IT!! Ye are God's and children of the Most High! Please visit my blog!!! Please like and share!! #mrcornellgregory $mrcornellgregoryblog I am the Creator and Master teacher of the God-Kingdom Philosophy!! Its time to leave these Giant Systems of Separation and Unite as one!! We only pledge allegiance to our father our families and our neighbors!! Get your copy Now!! Available on Amazon!! Live your Dreams!! Share your Light!! Don't stop!! Don't give UP!!! Please visit my profile page!! Please share my page with your friends and Neighbors!!! If you enjoy any of the Free content on my page, Please Donate to the movement!! Have a Blessed and Prosperous day and life!! #mrcornellgregory #thelossofblackgold #thepoetryoflovepassionandpain #thegodkingdomphilosophy #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram #thoughts #fitnessmotivation #chicagopoets #blackexcellence #inspiration #inspiredaily #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #poetry #poetrycommunity #religion #blackauthors #motivationalquotes #spirituality #artistsoninstagram #artist #religion #writerscommunity #God #bookofthemonth #books #book #quotes

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