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Philosophy of the Soul (Introduction; the trinity of the soul)


Mark 8:36 says "for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? This is one of the most misunderstood and one of the most powerful scriptures in the entire Bible. The Bible speaks more about identity and purpose; then Mr. Cornell Gregory 2 it does religious activities. This scripture says the human soul, is more valuable than the entire world. After years of reading books on the subject of the soul, both religious and secular, I have never found a school of thought that I agree with. So I developed the GKP of the Soul. A dedicated teaching on what the soul is, how it functions, and why is it so important to understand its purpose. Mark 3:27 says "no man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. Jesus often taught in parables, natural stories that explain spiritual truths, this is an example of his methods. For years the true meaning of this storied has been misunderstood, and I will explain but first, allow me to give you a parable of my own, that will Philosophy of the Soul 3 provide us with a foundation for the teaching on the soul. This is a visualization exercise, so imagine yourself, sitting in your favorite chair inside your home. Now stand up, and walk to the door. Open the door and walk outside your house. Turn around and look at the outside of your house and your front lawn. Now walk back in the house, close the door and sit back in your favorite chair. Ok, the outside of your house is your body, and your lawn represents the world. The inside of the house is your soul (mind). You walking around the house is the real you. We are spirit (God-spirit, made in the image of the Most High God), we have a soul, and we have a body. We are both spirit and matter. God is our Father, and the Earth is our Mother. So in the parable, Jesus taught, the strong man (the human Mr. Cornell Gregory 4 spirit, god-spirit) was bound by Satan. This was after the first Adam (male and female) lost connection in the Garden of Eden. The strong man (the god-spirit, seed of the father, the real you) was bound, and evil took over his house (soul, mind) thus causing humanity to perform evil acts (display evil fruit). So the second Adam (Jesus) came to set free the strong man (the children of the Father, the gods of the earth). There are three aspects of the soul. The eye of the soul, the soil or field, and the heart make up the

Trinity of the Soul.

The Trinity of the Soul

"The eye"

The eye is the imagination, perception, vision, the mental pictures of the mind. The eye of the soul, allows us to see into the spiritual realm; also lets us time travel into our past, but also into our future. Without vision, the people perish. As a God-spirit, Mr. Cornell Gregory 6 just as the Most High, we must understand that we are powerful and have the responsibility to set order to our soul. First, we must turn the light on in our house (soul). The unity (oneness) between soul and the spiritual realm (The Creator) is what the world is missing. If the eye be single (focused, visualizing our true identity) the entire body is filled with light. I can ask you to visualize a red car in your mind, I can ask you to change the red car to a green car, and you can do it. The real you, the God-spirit, the thinker of the thoughts must value your vision. As you think, that’s what you are. So being one with light, is the practice of seeing yourself, for who you are. You must see yourself as a child of the Creator. Satan was able to bind the strong man, by attacking the vision of humanity. Adam lost vision of himself, so the Second Adam came to find (locate) the Lost Gods of the earth (the God-Kingdom). Picture a large window in the house, which fills the house with sunlight. That window is the window (eye, Portal to the spirit world). So when Adam lost the light, a large curtain blocked the spirit light, from entering the house (soul). The soul (mind, heart) was filled with darkness. Jesus came to remove the curtain, thus given humanity ability to have their house (soul) filled with light as in the garden. The veil was torn, from bottom to top, symbolizing man's connection or reconnection with the Father above.

“The Soil (earth)”

The soul also works as soil. What ever gets planted in the soul, it will grow and give off fruit. “As long as the earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest.” Just like in the natural realm we don't see the seed that was planted in the soil, we see its fruit. "We know them by their fruit. Fruit represents Philosophy of the Soul 9 works, behavior, or conduct. Matt. 13:25 "but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way." Jesus said the enemy sowed evil seeds into the soul of mankind, thus teaching humanity evil. But ye are God. He who tills his land shall have plenty of bread; meaning that we are responsible for taking care of our soul. Evil experiences (seeds) have been planted in all of us. It's not your fault, but you must let the dead bury the dead. Uproot those evil seeds of pain and plant seeds of love, joy, and patience that will give off good fruit.

"The Heart"

"Out of the heart flow the issues of life." Just as the natural heart pumps blood (life) throughout the body, so does the life force (light, energy) flow from the soul. The soul acts as a portal which links the spirit world and the physical world. So when the heart of man, was disconnected from the light, hearts were filled with darkness. "Gross darkness covered the earth." And that brings dark actions and behaviors.


"Symbolism" Some of the symbols used, may have been discovered thousands of years before me, Whether given to mankind by a fallen angels, or discovered by mankind as in the same way mankind discovered other spiritual, unseen laws (gravity, the law of lift, physics, etc.), but none of their utilizations, or definitions used by these schools of thought, I agree with. If what you believe, points you to the worship of anything or anyone, besides the Most High, the Creator of these symbols, clues left for us to search for him, I believe you are on the wrong path. The God-Kingdom Philosophy teachings point you to the creator. We get our truth, purpose, and identity from the Father. We are his image and reflection. His glory and light.

Philosophy of the Soul

"The Eye of the Soul"

The eye of the soul is the portal (window) that connects us to the spirit world. It allows the God Kingdom to function (to conduct transactions, operate) in both realms (physical and spiritual). We are both spirit and matter. God is our Father and Earth is our Mother. What makes us different from any other spiritual beings (angels) is that we have a soul. We have the ability to manifest our own world.

"As a Man thinks, so He is."

"Without vision, the people perish.

Meditation is the way we become One with the Most High (light). Understanding the message of the lamb and why the lamb was needed is very important. Jesus was the second Adam. The first Adam (male and female in the garden) lost light (connection, identity) and the second Adam came to seek and to save that which was lost (humanity, the children of the Father, identity). In the beginning, The Most High, allowed his Light, to manifest through both natural and spiritual realms. He is Spirit, he is Light, and so as his light was allowed to flow throughout the universe, from himself, so as his seed, we are created with the same power. Through the eye of the soul (mind, imagination) we can focus our soul, and allow our true identity to flow through the window (gate, the eye of our soul, mental vision) to manifest from the spirit world to the physical world. The vision is the seed, and once believed (faith) it becomes planted in the soul and will give off fruit (works). Once the eye of the soul is single (focused, one with its true self, clear vision of identity, see yourself as a descendant of the Most High), the soul will be filled with spiritual light. The imagination is one and clearly aligned with the Most Highs vision, then and only then will the Light flow through the window, and manifest your spirit light, in the physical world.

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