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Updated: May 22, 2020

LOCATING THE CHILDREN OF THE CREATOR (HUMANITY) Genesis 1:26 says "let us make man (mankind/humanity) in our image and likeness, and let them have dominion" .27 "so God created man (mankind/humanity) in his own image, in the image of God created he him (mankind/humanity), male and female created he them." To build a house, it must be constructed on a solid foundation. If the foundation is not built correctly, the house will be weak and eventually fall. We can discuss for hours, the problems in the world, the problems in society, or even the problems of humanity in general. I believe in solving any problem; we must first inspect the foundation. Humanity cannot be defined by the media, our past experiences, or even our parents; we can only be defined by our Creator. As we see in the book of beginnings, the created identity, and purpose for mankind/humanity; we are god-spirits. We live in a body and we have a soul. After studying other religions and world views, I find that the message of the Holy Scripture, gives us our true foundation, and the house we build is up to us. As we see, the man (masculine energy, God-King) and the female (feminine energy, God-Queen) has been given authority over the earth and has been told to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish it. So what happened? How did we find ourselves in the predicament we see in the world today? In my opinion, the world suffers from what I like to call "MAN WORSHIP." We have been taught to put a man (mankind) on a pedestal. We find ourselves worshiping celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. without fully understanding the damage we are doing to our souls. The fact that humankind is the only species, that has been given the image of God, makes the worship of men, "False God Worship". If a man worships a fallen angel (Lucifer, the devil), he is simply worshiping a fallen angel. Humanity is the gods of the earth, it's mankind that builds civilizations, creates laws, and builds infrastructures. It is also mankind that creates poverty, starts wars, and commits evil acts against God's creations. If your worldview requires you to worship, any man that has been born of a woman, you are guilty of false God worship. You have been deceived into worshiping an image. Jesus (Yeshua) said, "call no man, father!” This, of course, is not referring to a person's natural father, but we know as males, it comes a time where we leave our father's house, and become the masters of our own homes. Even as we look at the symbolism of the wedding ceremony, the father gives his daughter away to the husband. A man is not created to bow to any other human, but his woman. The God-king and queen are the highest created species in the universe. THE BURIED TREASURE WITH IN Thousands of people have lost their life, in search of buried treasure. Spent countless numbers of hours decoding maps, and researching clues, in hopes of recovering valuable precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects. What if I told you, that the parables regarding the kingdom of God, Jesus taught, are clues to a buried treasure? Not just any buried treasure, but the most precious, costly, pricey, expensive, high priced, high end, upscale, priceless, invaluable treasure, the universe has ever seen. Even Angels had to look in amazement when this treasure was created. Would you believe me? I have always wondered what a spirit looks like. We see examples in scripture, of spiritual beings, and one in particular, Lucifer. He was made of precious jewels, and when the light shined on him, he sparkles like diamonds and other precious gems do, as the light of the sun shines on them. So he gets cast out of heaven and stripped of his ability. So when he is seen or recognized if you will, by someone after he was cast out of heaven, he was met with a question. ‘Aren’t you the one, which weakened the nations’? As to say, “what happened to you’? You don’t look that powerful to me” So the Father planted his seed into the earth and created the first man Adam (god-Kingdom). So as a child looks like both mother and father, we are both spirit and matter; Heaven and earth. The physical you, is your earth, your body if you will. So we know what your earth looks like, we can see you. But what does the real you look like? What does the strong man, that’s inside the house look like? The thinker of the thoughts, the mover of the body, the real you, what does that person look like? God is Light, and God is Spirit. He is the source of all light (energy). So as the diamonds and other precious jewelry, are inside the earth, so the spirit you (the god spirit, the strong man, the thinker of the thoughts and mover of the body, the inward man) are made of the most precious jewelry, ever created. And when you become one with light (stand in front of the window of your house) you sparkle, shine, and reflect light. Your house is filled with light, and your light shines throughout the universe. You are the solution to a Dark World. One of my favorite movies growing up was The Last Dragon. It's funny how he spent the entire movie looking for something, which was already on the inside of him. He was looking for the final level, the glow. It's funny, how I look at the father's greatest creation, YOU; wondering your entire life, looking for the new master to follow. A guide, sage, master teacher, preacher, prophet, pastor, minister, guru, etc., to define who you are, and somehow speak to your father on your behalf. BUT YOU HAVE THE GLOW. It's INSIDE YOU!!!!! Psalms 82;5-8 They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High, but ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes (angels). Arise O god; judge the earth; for thou shalt inherit all nations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are both spirit and matter, God and man, heaven and earth. We have been convinced that we are just men (mankind) full of flaws and shortcomings. You are not your past pain, you are gods. The foundations of the earth are out of course because you don't know who you are. The earth was given to the children of men. The gods of the earth (Adam, mankind, sons of God, god-Kingdom). To take dominion, be fruitful, multiply, replenish it with light. You have the ability to function like the Most High You are gods, but you just don't know it. Only you can light up a Dark World!!!

The Old Testament is your north star, guiding you to the son of God (the second Adam, the God-kingdom). This visual is seen in the Christmas story, where the wise men, went on a journey, guided by the star, to see the Son of God. The gifts represent their wealth and strength. The Son came to seek and to save that which was lost. Who and what was lost? The Who is the descendants of the Father, Adam (god-kingdom) was lost. What was lost? The identity of God's children was lost. Like the eagle that was raised in the chicken coop, he starts to believe that he is a chicken. Mankind is the lost sheep, and has been discovered, and placed on the shoulders of the second Adam, and put back into his rightful place. The foundations of the world were out of place, and caused the world to be dark. The Government (the kingdom) was placed on the shoulders of the second Adam and restored. The lost has now been found. So rise and take the earth. The light has come to you, and now is the time to set order to the universe. Set order to your own body, and to your mind (soul). Take dominion, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. You are the Good Samaritan. You see your brother, battered and bruised, and broken, but your religious outfit, won't allow you to feel for your brother, so you walk to the other side of the road. It’s your job, to pick up your brother and help him finish his journey. You may have found yourself battered, broken, and bruised along your journey, it doesn’t matter what happened to you, but what does matter, is that you get up, and finish your journey. You must discover Light. You must be one with Light. You must discover your glow, then and only then can you light up a dark world. God + Earth =? Who does your child look like? I think it's clear, that the male plants his seed, into woman, and she brings forth a child. I also believe that it is widely accepted, that the body of the child comes from the woman. I think the birthing process, is evident, and also resembles nature in that if you plant a seed in the ground, whatever seed type it is, it's going to harvest and produce fruit. So it's clear, if I plant an apple seed into the earth, I will reap a tree, along with apples? I want to make sure we are all on the same page, so if I plant a fig seed, I will get a fig tree and some fig fruit? So my question, if GOD plants his seed (DNA, Spirit, Light) in the earth, what would they create? I mean honestly, we see what happens when apple and fig seeds are planted into the earth, but ask yourself the question, if GOD, plants his SEED into the earth, what do they produce. If two living organisms (masculine and feminine, seed and soil) come together in the reproductions process, duplication, procreation, multiplying and propagation is the natural result. God said, "let us make the man (humanity, god-kingdom), in our image, and after our likeness. They should take dominion, be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. Take the newly created species, and spread them throughout the earth. I think this one of the most overlooked passages in scripture. Historically, I feel we have disregarded, neglected and just ignored one of the most powerful aspects of the creation story. Christianity gives credit to the trinity (father, son, spirit), but I think we may have misjudged. The fact is that three masculine's cannot reproduce life. Makes me believe the world has miscalculated and made an incorrect estimation of what the scripture is saying. God planted his seed into the earth and gave birth to Adam. Humanity (Adam) is the first and only organism that shares the characteristics of both heaven and earth. You have the attributes, features qualities, elements, and traits of both mother (Earth, matter,) and God (The Most High, Father, Spirit). You are the seed of the Most high. The Parable's of Christ, speaks of a lost treasure, buried into the earth. When it is discovered, the man sells everything he owns, to buy the land; the precious treasure was buried in. This treasure was so valuable, so costly, and so expensive; the man sold everything he owned, just to buy this earth that holds the adored prize. This story is so heavy because, the man who discovered the buried treasure is the father, locating the lost Adam (god kingdom, successor, offspring, family, lineage, and seed) lost in the Garden of Eden. He said, “Adam, where are you." He gives up all he had (his son, second Adam, the sacrifice for the first Adam's mistake) to buy the earth, which holds this priceless treasure. We are not our minds because I can ask you to think of a red car, and you have the capacity and faculties to do it. Then change the vehicle to a black truck. You mentally fashion and develop these thoughts in your mind. Your mind doesn't do what it wants; the mind is under your control. The same with the body; you are the mover of the body and the thinker of your thoughts. So the question becomes, who is that person, and what do they look like? I teach a mental exercise, where I believe mentally, you can locate the real you. The moment of discovery is upon you. I asked that you go with me on this voyage, into the deep regions of the world in your mind visualize yourself in your home. Look around your house, walk out of your front door. Now if you will, turn and look at the outside of your house, and at your front lawn. Now walk back in the house and have a seat in your favorite chair. So the real you is the person looking around your house, walking out the door, watching the outside of your house and the lawn is the real you. The thinker of the thought, the mover of the body, you are a god spirit. The inside of your house is your soul (mind). Some homes are filled with painful experiences. Events or occurrences that leave a sad, hurtful, stressful, devastating and downright awful monuments inside your soul (mind, heart, soil). Tombstones that remind you of dead relationships fill the room. Every time you walk past this painful memorial in your home (mind), you relive the agony and torment, as the day it happened. It's ok; you have now been located. The outside of your house is your body; your earth if you will. We can see your earth (the outside of your house, body). The Angel "Lucifer" was known as one of the most beautiful Angelic beings ever created. It is said that every precious stone covers his entire being. The sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold was prepared in him when it was created. He was known as the day star, because when the light from the sun comes into contact with the precious stones that coat his outer being, he shines, a radiant, beautiful glow. So what does the thinker of the thoughts, the mover of the body, the real you inside the house look like? Well, as precious stones and jewels covered the fallen Angel Lucifer, and as the precious stones and diamonds are inside the earth (body), you are made of the most priceless, valuable, costly, expensive, darling, adored jewels, heaven, and earth has ever seen. As you become one with light, The light beams, shimmer, sparkle, twinkle, dazzle and shine on your spirit self(the thinker of the thoughts and mover of the body, god-spirit, god-kingdom), and fill your house (soul, mind, heart, the inside of your house) with a radiant glow, that permeates, not only through your house(soul, mind) but to the outside the house and on to your front yard (the world, or universe). Mankind was lost in earth. They lost identity in the garden, and the view of themselves shifted from the children of God to their nakedness (humanity, body, earth) so the real you (the precious pearl and valuable treasure) scripture is referring to is, the real you, the God-Spirit. You are the light of the world; you are more valuable than anything ever created, you are Gods.

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