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Love Letters and Lessons for the Queen. Chapter 5 The Worship of the Phallus

“The Worship of the Phallus”

The Phallus of your God-King should be worshiped by his Queen. Ancient civilizations stumbled across this truth, or we can say fallen angels influenced humanity into worshiping the phallus of Nimrod, but that’s a lesson for another day. I believe their use, of this spiritual practice was misguided. The worship of any other phallus, besides that of your God-King, is idol worship. God is our heavenly Father, Jesus is our brother. Besides bowing to each other, and the Father, we bow to no other Gods, Angels, or Animals. We are the God-Kingdom. As the woman with the alabaster box, worshiped at the feet of Jesus, anointing him with precious perfume and oil, the queen is to worship the phallus and feet of her God-King. You are to bow to no other God’s. Women have been deceived, into worshiping the beast; spending countless hours on your knees in churches, worshiping the image of the beast; the image of a man. Jesus is your brother and not you’re God, and that image is not him anyway. That is Blasphemy in the site of the Creator. Whatever religious background you have, if your worship points you to a man, that has been born of a woman; you are on the wrong path. God is your Father and you and your God-king are one.

Do this worship exercise at least once per week for your King, I promise; the benefits will be compelling. He is created to receive worship from you and only you. Receiving worship from any other god, not only ruins him but also the giver of that worship. Lay down your King, rescue him from the wars and battles that fill his soul (mind); still his storm. Light an incense and/or candle and play sounds of nature, or a preferred meditation instrumental, soft jazz etc. Get massage oil, precious oil, perfume oil or whatever oil you prefer. Bless it, by giving thanks to the Most High, for all his creation. Take the oil and slowly worship the phallus and the feet of your King. Nurturing him like the earth nurtures her children. Bring his body and soul to complete ecstasy and pleasure. You are his god! You are his Queen. Worship is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. To reverence, glory, exalt, extol, praise, honor, is what we are created to do. Angels are created to worship the Father day and night; we are created for each other. Worship is the ultimate expression of love. This is the place that you build him up, while the world seeks to tear him down.

You hold the key to his strength. As Delilah was able to get the strongest man in the world, Samson, to reveal the source of his strength to her but used it against him; you are the key to his power. At this moment, his soul (heart) is completely open to you, and you can plant seeds of love in his garden, that will build him or seeds that will grow up and yield poisonous fruit. You are his tree of life. This is your created responsibility. Nothing else will fulfill you, outside of living out purpose.

Your King must drink from your well. Your water must be the only water he drinks from. Only you can give him this water. If he doesn’t get this water from you, he will continue to search for this water. You are his God. Be filled with Living water (love, peace, light, gentleness, etc.), and pour it all over the head (mind, soul), and pour your love on the feet (anointing his feet for life’s paths, and the journey he must take). You are his well. He must come to you so that you can water his soul.

The reason, I say schedule this worship service at least once per week is simple. The heart begins to anticipate and expect this fantastic event. You will not even have to ask the King, to clear his schedule; he will look forward to this event. You are the source of life. This will give him life.

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