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Locating the Spirit Self (Pillar 6; Ground Zer0)

"Locating the Spirit Self"

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see black, white, Democrat, Republican, or any other social group you have pledged your allegiance to? Do you see pass failures? Look at yourself and tell me WHAT DO YOU SEE?? The past pain, the broken hearts from the people who you loved that has left you or hurt you? "Where ARE YOU", God called out to his first child Adam (man and woman) because he was hiding his nakedness. He looked in the mirror and saw his human flaws and FAILURES. The creator says " BUT WHO TOLD YOU ,YOU WHERE NAKED?" YOU ARE THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD. You are His child, his reflection, and his prize possession (This is the spirit-self). You are not your Body or your Mind (soul), but YOU ARE GODS AND CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. When you look in the MIRROR, understand this TRUTH. DOMINATE YOUR INDUSTRY AND YOUR THOUGHTS, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY YOURSELF BY LEARNING AND TEACHING, and CHANGE YOUR WORLD. SET ORDER TO BOTH MIND AND BODY!!

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