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Updated: May 6, 2020

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS A relationship is about partnership and not just about emotional feelings. If an Accountant and a Doctor form a partnership, each partner is responsible to function in their expertise (light) to allow the business to perform successfully. Regardless of feelings, the partnership will not be productive, if one partner does not carry out duties. There is no stronger partnership, then a man and his woman, or a woman and her man; in whatever order you like. The bond between the God King and Queen, Is the strongest force when joined together; in the universe. The two become one; they become Adam, They Become Christ, The Kingdom of God, Children of the Father. The world is your inheritance. The God Kingdom, Followed by the Angelic Kingdom, and then the Animal Kingdom is the order of the universe. The duty of the God-King is to Protect, Provide, and Replenish. The God-King is the seed carrier; the queen is your earth. As a farmer plants seeds in his field, so the God King must replenish her, by sowing seeds of love and care into her. Protecting her, as the RIB, protects the Heart.

To the God-Queen,

you are the strongest force in the universe. You are Earth, you are Love, and you are God!! You must know this. In the garden story, the snake challenged the woman’s identity. Told her God was withholding knowledge from her. God is your father, and Earth is your mother. You are the Life carrier. When the splitting of the Adams occurred, religion says, that woman was made from the Rib; I don’t agree. The rib was removed, and woman was created from the heart. You Are the Heart of all Creation. The heart pumps blood throughout the body. Jesus restored the woman; who was losing blood (with the issue of blood) for 12 years. If she loses life (blood), we go without life. She is the life source that pumps blood through the body. You are created to love, nurture and care for all creation. As the woman at the well was Thirsty, you are the Water the universe needs for our survival. The water must flow through you, as the mother nurtures the child in her womb, we are in your womb, and you carry us. We need your water! Know who you are, live out created purpose. He is the key; you are the door to both heaven and earth. Ye are Gods.

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