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A Letter to The God-Queen (the Life Carrier, Woman, Daughter of the Most High)

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The God-Queen (the Life Carrier)

What happens when a woman FIGHTS

while she is pregnant?

The QUEEN is the Life carrier of the UNIVERSE!!

She is the source of Life and all Life flows through her!!

All humanity was nurtured

by a QUEEN from the womb

and will always return to her for nourishment;

this is the system of GOD (nature) not men’s PHILOSOPHY!!

A woman receives a seed, multiplies it and returns it back to the universe.

So if your womb is filled with pain, stress, hate, violence etc.

that is what you are giving back to the universe!!

Plant seeds of love,

patience, self-control, peace, joy, in your womb and watch our WORLD CHANGE!!

Watch your mood change!!!

Be filled with water QUEEN,

so you can water our world with your LOVE!!!

Be one with Light.

Be one with the Spirit of your


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