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God Has No Religion. Introduction to the God-Kingdom Philosophy

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

1 CHAPTER INTRODUCTION Religion has been a hot button topic for centuries. Countless numbers of debates, disagreements, and even wars has been waged because we disagree with the world view of another person. As a society, why do we harbor such hate towards ones beliefs, especially if their beliefs, doesn’t cause any harm towards others. What is the origin of this hate, and why is one group allowed to perpetuate this hate of others who may not share the same world view. One group in particular, has used the Bible as its reasoning behind their hatred. With the amount of information we have access to, I am a firm believer in examining, any school of thought that has been passed down to us over time. Does the Bible really say we should wage war on any person, which does not share the same beliefs? After countless hours of reading and study, a series of Dreams and open visions, I have developed a new school of philosophical thought called “The God-Kingdom Philosophy. I am the Creator and Master Teacher of the God-kingdom Philosophy. The GKP is not a new religion. It is simply a study on the Most High’s greatest creation: YOU!!! I am not opposed to any other religions organizations or world view, and I do not disrespect sincere people who desire truth and the meaning of life, but my honest belief is that, the very elect has been deceived. God has no religion. I believe that religion has failed to answer the most important questions presented by life. Questions like what is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is time? What is right and wrong? What happens after death? Does God exist? Why is there evil in the world? What is destiny and free will? What is philosophy? I also, spent much of my life puzzled by these same questions. The GKP answers all of these questions. My hope is that we can all grow in understanding, in love, and in peace, as we walk together in discovering the true purpose, in which we were created. This is the first book of a 12 lesson series called “THE 12 DIMENSIONS OF THE GOD-KINGDOM PHILOSOPHY.” In the book of Daniel, verse 2:44, speaks of a kingdom that will crush all the kingdoms of this world, and will reign forever. You are that kingdom. Mankind was created to provide spiritual light to the world, as the sun and moon provide natural light. Mankind is the only species, which has been given the image of the Most High. The GKP will explore this topic, along with many others. My hope and prayer is that you examine this teaching for yourself, and see if this teaching answers the question you have about life and meaning. I admonish you, to examine this teaching alongside any guru, sage, master teacher, philosopher, prophet, pastor, etc. See which world view answers all of your questions. God has given us a mind to reason. We are not created to be robots, to follow rank and file behind any man/woman or any teachings, without close examination. So, with that being said, I would like to congratulate you, on the start of your new journey. Grace and peace, be unto you.

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