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Now, in order to stay with my

big picture approach, I would admonish every person reading this book to simply search the Scriptures for the origin of the devil outlined in the book of Isaiah and in the book of Ezekiel, But for the sake of not attempting to make this chapter biblical doctrine, I will simply refer to the Scriptures in hopes to assist your own individual biblical research and study for yourself. So moving forward, we see in the book of Genesis chapter 3, that the character known as the serpent (The Devil) is introduced into the text, in hopes to get mankind to disobey their Father. Now with further study of the book of Genesis you will see that the only stipulation the father placed on his children was not to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I think it’s noteworthy, that the Most High, who is often times accused of perpetuating evil throughout the world, wanted his very own children to have no knowledge of evil. Quick side note, the reasoning behind the Most high not wanting his children to know evil, may be one of the most important lessons that the church has totally overlooked. The soul of mankind resembles soil, whatever gets planted in the soul, will grow and give off fruit. Satan wanted to sow evil into the soul of man, so mankind will produce evil fruit, as a result, receive judgment from the Most High. The law of sin and death was in the earth. I will explain in complete detail in later teachings, but for the sake of staying on topic, let’s move on. Let’s investigate what was done by the fallen angel, using a serpent. He simply got the children of the King to doubt their father’s words and their true identity. Now as we can see, he mentioned to them that if they eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they will be like God. It is important to understand, in light of the previous chapter, the serpent challenged mankind’s image of themselves. He simply made them feel like they didn’t measure up, that their father was holding something from them. So man decided to go on a search for something they already had. This to me is the main problem with religion. It’s a never ending search that will continue to yield more frustration. To say God didn’t want man to know evil only good, because of his fear of man becoming like God is simply a lie. Genesis 1; 26 the Bible clearly states that mankind was already made in his image and in his likeness. So I think most of us know the rest of the story, if not I admonish you to read the book of Genesis starting with the first three chapters. And before I close this chapter, I would like to point out one distinct point to the Bible detractors potentially reading this book, in the beginning there were absolutely no pain, no violence, no record of death, before the sin (separation) of mankind (physical) and the Father (Spirit).

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