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Now in this chapter I’m going to simply refer to Scripture as opposed to citing the Scripture verbatim. My goal with this book is to simply spark a search for answers, instead of claiming to be the answer to all questions. The Bible is clear when it says seekers will find the answers, knock and the door will be opened unto you. Now I believe once we remove the burden of a religious outlook, we can clearly see God’s original purpose and plan for mankind. So if we simply start at what I believe is the beginning of creation, and the book of Genesis 1:1 the Bible simply says God created heaven and earth. And after making mankind (male and female) he told them to have dominion over the earth realm. Now at further investigation, it should be noted, God never instructed people to dominate each other. Also from the book of Genesis we can clearly see that mankind was already made in the image of God. This makes the religious search for God somewhat erroneous. God’s original intent was mankind, made in his own image, to have daily access to him without any interruptions, instead of a never ending search to find enlightenment. Now I believe one of the biggest misconceptions about the God of the Bible, among other believers is that God does whatever he likes in the earth realm. Some people not in the faith have a hard time understanding what God actually did in the creation of earth and putting mankind in charge. Before going any further, I would like us to just simply look at the garden and God’s original plan in the beginning. A few things I would like to point out, there is absolutely no violence recorded, daily communication directly between God and mankind, and the absence of scarcity or lack (food, wealth are in the ground). Moving forward, in the book of Psalms 115 versus 15 and 16 makes it very simple to understand the operation of God. In verse 15 the Bible clearly states are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth now in verse 16 is a simple yet powerful statement. Verse 16 says the heaven, even the heavens are the Lords: but the earth has he given to the children of man. I believe this is where most people misunderstand the world and its operation. The early outlook of the book of Genesis makes it clear that God created the heavens and the earth. Again, when I use the term mankind I am including both the male and female. So we can understand that God’s original plan for the earth was simply peace and daily communion. The Most Highs original intent was not to make servants or slaves of mankind, but a family of gods who carry his image and likeness. Now some of the unbelievers reading this book may still choose to not believe in the Bible, which is totally your God giving right to do so. My goal in this book is to simply point out the simplicity of God’s original plan, void of some of the religious barriers that has been put in the way. So again I admonish everyone to simply go on their own internal journey.

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