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Chapter 6 What does the Queen do while waiting on her King to Manifest

“What does the God-Queen do, while waiting for her King to manifest?”

As the mother prepares for the unborn child in her womb,

so the God-Queen prepares for her King to manifest.

You adorn yourself with precious jewels.

Not just the Diamond and other precious stones, but spiritual jewels as well.

Jewels of wisdom and understanding that will make you a wonderful teacher.

You clear your house (soul) of past pain that clutters and distract your mind.

Clean it out, and make it new.

Uproot all the trees that produce evil fruit, in your garden,

and plant seeds of love so that your King, can be filled,

with your fruit. Be filled with water, so that you can always quench his thirst.

You are his well;

he needs your living water. Adorn yourself with oil and precious perfume so that you can anoint his feet and head for the battles he must face,

and also provide him with the sweet smell of life,

which removes the stench of death from his past Wars.

The Most High is your Father and the Earth is your mother.

You are God.

You are Queen.

Be One With Light; the Spirit of your Heavenly Father!

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