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A Love Letter for the Queen! by Mr. Cornell Gregory

“The Daily Bread for the Queen”

The human soul is the most powerful force in the universe. Whatever you think, you draw towards you. Whatever the heart is filled with, will flow out. If it’s filled with pain, hardship, stress, that’s what’s going to flow out. You can’t fill your mind with pains of the past and the uncertainty of the future! Smile today! Show Love today! Be in PEACE today! This is your daily bread!

"How to Bind The Strong Woman"

You convince her that she is WEAK!!

You tell her that somebody else is responsible for taking care of her house for her!

If she ever realize that she is the STRONG Queen;

the Daughter of the Creator, she will wake up,

and set order to HER OWN HOUSE (soul/mind)!!

Yes your life is in chaos!!

Yes you have experienced painful moments in your LIFE!!

But understand This, YOU ARE THE STRONG Queen !!

God is your Father!!

Jesus paid your reconnection fee!!

You walk around full of POWER and THE capacity to learn and dominate your

thoughts and your Body,

but your body and your mind is in chaos (out of control).

It would be really dumb, for the EAGLE who is created to fly, to spend his life praying and asking GOD to give him the strength to fly!!


Your created PURPOSE is to dominate your industry and your thoughts,

be fruitful and multiply yourself by learning and teaching, and replenish a dark world with your Light!


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