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"A letter from the FATHER (the CREATOR), To His DAUGHTER (the god-Queen, woman)"

My LOVE for you is demonstrated by the AIR you BREATHE!

You are the HEART of all HUMANITY!!!

You are the GIVER of LIFE!!! You Are EARTH!!!

The universe relies on you for your FRUIT!!!

But seeds of pain has been planted in your SOUL, and POISONED YOUR FRUIT!!

The rapes, the loneliness, the poverty, the fatherlessness, the heartache, the LACK OF LOVE were all Poison seeds of PAIN!!

And they fill your SOUL (mind)!

THE FRUIT THAT GIVES LIFE, now brings death....

But the Queen must Arise!

You are the Daughter of the CREATOR!!

You MUST SET order to the CHAOS!!

Set order to Both BODY and SOUL (Mind)!

Uproot those painful seeds and Be FILLED with LOVE my QUEEN!!

Live in peace, but always ready for WAR!!

Protect your kingdom from your ENEMY'S!!!!

Protect your THOUGHTS from past painful seeds!!!


You are MOTHER,


you are QUEEN!!!!!

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