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A Lesson in Spirituality for the God-Queen “A Letter to the Giver of Life”

“A Letter to the Giver of Life”

What happens when the Queen prepares to give Life!

What goes on inside her Mind,

As she Lays her Life down,

To give birth to Life!

Her Father made her with his


He Whispers words of life,

In her soul, because

She is His Perfect Reflection!

She is His Image!

She is the Likeness of God!

She has given Birth to Giants!

She has given Birth to Gods!

She has given birth to Kings and Queens!

Does she understand her Worth?

Does she realize the Depth of Her Wisdom!

She is the Source of Life!

Out of the Dark Night of her Womb,

She gives Birth to New Light!

New Life!!

New Love!!

The Dragon Declared war on the WOMAN and her Seed!

But the Spirit of Her Father

Has Protected Her!

She is Alive!

She Will forever Reign as

The God-Queen!!

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