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A Lesson for the God - Queen!

"The Nurturing QUEEN"

WE continue to trade the WISDOM of God,

for the fables of men and serpents!!

The King is nurtured from the womb of a QUEEN

from conception.

She gave the seed its life and her very body is designed for the

nourishment and nurturing of the child in her womb.

You are designed to carry the KING.

He will always return to you for life, water, and love!!

He needs your FRUIT!! There once was a snake, who planted an evil seed into the soul (mind) of EVE.

This seed produced an evil fruit.


The snake understood the strength of the QUEEN!

She is the source of Life.

The QUEEN must never listen to snakes!!

She must plant seeds of love, patience,

and peace in her soul;

and she will give us GOOD fruit!!

You are the Tree that gives LIFE!!

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