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A Lesson for the God Queen

"To the God-Queen"

Here is a lesson for you that I guarantee you didn't receive at your local church, mosque, or temple. Women are way better at giving love, and relationships.

Not only are women natural nurturers, but you have been taught how to take care of others since you were very young. How would a man know how to treat a woman? How is a man supposed to know how to love a woman? There is no class for that. His whole life, he has been taken care of by women (mother, grandmother, aunts etc.) So he knows how to receive from a woman, but he has never been taught how to give to a woman, what a woman needs, how she needs to be loved, there is no teacher for that. That's why women are the helpmate. The mom teaches him how to receive from a woman, but his woman has to teach how to love and give love. Daddy can't teach us that lesson because every woman is dynamic and different. The man is God-King, so he is the image of the Most High. God so loved the world, he GAVE!!!! The nature of the God-King is to give love. But he has to be TAUGHT by the god-Queen. You have to be his HELP!!!! You are his God (on earth) !!!!! You have his HEART in your HANDS.

It's amazing how the body of the god-queen (woman), purges it’s self of impurities every month. She must also understand, she is responsible, for purging her soul (inside her house, mind, heart) on a continuous basis; clearing her house of garbage and clutter. Protecting her mind from evil and negative intrusive thoughts, that robs her of her peace and sanity. Guarding her heart, because out of it FLOWS, life!!! She is the life carrier. She is the strongest force in the universe; she is the God-Queen.

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