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The Identity of the Daughter of the Creator (The god-Queen/woman)

Updated: May 6, 2020

The GOD-QUEEN “Her Identity and Purpose” Conversations with the serpent sent the QUEEN (woman, Eve) on an evil search for GOD-LIKE KNOWLEDGE!! She didn't understand her identity and purpose, so the lies of the snake deceived the woman. QUEEN, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Do you understand your PURPOSE and IDENTITY? Do you understand why your BODY is shaped like FRUIT? Is it a coincidence that the snake came to the QUEEN? Is it a coincidence that JESUS healed the woman with the issue of blood and the woman at the WELL? Is it a coincidence that blood and water FLOW through the Vagina; that also looks like FRUIT!! WAKE UP YOU GODS!! We have traded the truth of GOD for the Lies of men and serpents!!! QUEEN, be one with Light (the spirit of your HEAVENLY FATHER). You are the Tree that provides GOOD fruit!! You are the WELL that provides living water in the EARTH. Be filled with love!! The Identity of the Daughter of the Creator (The god-Queen/woman) No one ever talks to you, about YOU!!! I hear your favorite system, leader, worldview, school of thought tell you how you should act!!!! "Do this and GODs going to bless you". "Do this and you will get a man"!! "Do this or that and you will find fulfillment"!! STOP THIS EVIL SEARCH!!! Your Father has given you IDENTITY and PURPOSE!! But you are asleep (blindly following your system, social group) in search of identity and purpose and they still have not satisfied your thirst!!! If LOVE had a Daughter, what would she look like??? If GOD (Spirit) had a Daughter, what would she look like?? The KING (man) is seed, YOU ARE EARTH!!! You have all her traits!!! You are Queen (ruler of mind and body)!!! The problem is seeds of pain has been planted in your soul and poisoned your FRUIT!!! You continue to allow evil seeds to be planted in your Body by men and evil thoughts in your soul by serpents!!!! But the QUEEN MUST WAKE UP!!! She must set order to both body and soul (mind)!!! Be filled with the SPIRIT of your FATHER!! Be filled with LOVE!!! Love heals, love gives, love shares, and love protects the innocent!!! You are the tree of Life!!! Our survival depends on the fruit of the Queen!! You are the giver of LIFE!! You are Daughter, you are Mother, you are Queen, and you are god!!! Let the voice of LOVE be true and every other voice a LIE!!!!

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